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Today's Leadership Coaching’s coaching process is founded on these 10 core principles:

1. We view our clients as creative, resourceful and whole; not broken, bruised, and battered.

2. Action oriented. Plans, goals, and dreams are great, but ultimately if they are not accompanied by concrete actions they are worthless. We will work with you to lay out an overall Goal & Action Plan at the beginning of the coaching relationship along with creating specific Action Steps at the end of every coaching session.

3. Accountability and Truth telling. As coaches we will hold you accountable for your stated actions and goals. Our clients tell us this is part of the value we bring to the relationship. We work hard to tell our clients the truth—even when they don’t like it and especially when they don’t want to hear it.

4. Trust and Partnership. Every great coaching relationship is built on mutual trust between the Coach and Client. We truly view our coaching relationship as a partnership. We are not above or below our Clients, but rather beside them, walking with them along in their journey of assessing, planning, achieving their goals, and fulfillment.

5. Goal focused. The coaching relationship is centered around developing S.M.A.R.T. goals—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed. We will push you to set SMART goals at each coaching session.

6. Results driven. Ultimately, your coaching must produce actual results to be a worthwhile investment. Goals and results are set up at the beginning of the coaching relationship, are agreed upon by all parties, and must be measurable.

7. Confidentiality. What is said between the Coach and Client stays between them. We respect our clients and their privacy. While some clients have no problem telling others about their experience with a Coach, other people may not feel comfortable. Confidentiality on our part is assured.

8. Values based. We strongly believe happiness is not achieved by being rich, famous our powerful, but by living according to one’s values. You can use coaching to clarify your values and learn how to live your life in accordance with them.

9. Focused on developing strengths. While every person has strengths and weaknesses, research indicates you will get much further ahead faster if you learn how to maximize your strengths rather than simply trying to shore up your weaknesses. Our coaching process will help you discover your key strengths and build your position or company around those strengths while learning how to delegate your areas of weakness to others.

10. Integrity and honesty. Coaching is not a magic wand, nor is it a panacea to every problem. Coaching is simply one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow, develop, change, and lead. The coaches at Today's Leadership Coaching will treat you as a person of integrity and honesty and will refer you to other professionals if we do not believe we can help you effectively. In addition, our integrity and business philosophy dictate that we only work with individuals and companies who receive benefit from our coaching. Because of this, we offer something extremely rare in our industry—a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Read more about it here.






















In the 1st stage we work to discover your strengths and weaknesses and where you are currently investing your time, energy, and resources.


In the 2nd stage we obtain a clear understanding of your goals and objectives and where your direction and focus is for yourself, your team, and your company.


In the 3rd stage, you and your coach will co-create a strategic plan that prioritizes your goals and objectives, proposes a time line, and lays out several strategies.


In the 4th stage you and your coach will build on the plan and develop specific goals and action steps that rapidly push you towards achieving your original goals and objectives.


The 5th stage is used to evaluate the plan, your performance, level of productivity, obstacles to overcome and revise the plan as necessary


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