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Fill out the following form and an Executive Coach from Today's Leadership Coaching will contact you within 48 hours to go over your results.  If you would prefer to print this worksheet and fax it to us, please click here (PDF - 156kb - Opens In New Window). You will need Adobe to open this file in PDF format.  Click here to get your free copy.


*Required Information


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How many managers, directors, or vice-presidents are in your company?
How many are under your direction or supervision?
Approximately how many employees do you have at your company?
How many are under your direction or supervision?
Do you have P&L (Profit and Loss) responsibility? Yes No
What are your approximate annual revenues?


Can you clearly articulate the differences between managing, leading, coaching and organizational development? Yes No
Do you know when to use each one to be most effective? Yes No
Does your management or executive team recognize the difference? Yes No
Which of the following statements would you MOST agree with:
Other people follow you primarily because of:
What percentage of your direct reports do you consider to be top performers?

Rank these factors from 1(most important) to 10(least important) in terms of how motivating these are to employees:

Good wages, Money
A sense of job security
Promotion and Opportunities for growth
Good working conditions
Interesting and challenging work
Personal loyalty of the leader and company towards employees
Constructive criticism
Feeling fully appreciated for the work they do
Empathy towards personal issues and problems
Open and honest communication
The heart of leadership development is self-development: True False


On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely low and 10 being extremely high, please rate the following questions:

How productive are your employees?
How productive is your management or executive team?
How productive are you personally?
How important is building relationships to leading people?
How would you describe your primary leadership style?

  A Visionary Leader—I set the vision and give direction to the company.
  A Coaching Leader—I connect people’s goals with the direction of the company.
  An Affiliative Leader—I connect people to each other to help them achieve goals.
  A Democratic Leader—I try to obtain everyone’s input in guiding the company.
  A Pacesetting Leader—I set the pace and keep the standard high and expect everyone to reach for it.
  A Commanding Leader—I tell people exactly what they need to do, what they need to accomplish, and sometimes even the best way to do it.

How much time, energy, and financial resources does your company put into leadership development programs, executive education, and management training?
Which do you believe your people want most:
In what kinds of activities do you regularly participate to better yourself, enhance your leadership skills, and develop personally? (check all that apply)
Read leadership and management books
Read books and magazines outside of my industry
Attend seminars, workshops, and presentations on self-development
Participate in associations that further my skills
Belong to executive development groups
Currently work with a Coach
Have worked with a Coach in the past

What percentage of your time each month do you spend coaching and leading your:

Management or Leadership team
High Potential employees and team members
Average performing employees and team members
The Lowest performing employees and team members
Please use the following space to provide any additional information, or to ask any questions.

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