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Here are a few of the more well-known and larger companies who trust us to develop their leaders, coach their executives, improve their management skills, and build their teams.

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Listen to what our clients have to say about us.


Strategic Planning and Business Development

“The executive coaches at Today's Leadership Coaching helped me turn my company around. They worked with me to help me focus on the strategic areas of building my people and my business, not just the day to day tactical work.”

—Chief Financial Officer, Mid-size Manufacturing Company

“Tom Horne has helped me make great decisions about my overall business strategies. I use him as a sounding board because as a hands-on business owner, I can get ‘lost in the trees’ at times and he continually brings a fresh perspective. He knows me and my business and ALWAYS has my best interests in mind. I highly recommend Tom as a Business Coach and a strategic advisor.”

—Gary R. President , Mid-size Food Manufacturing Company

“As the President of my company, the most beneficial aspect of having a coach from Today's Leadership Coaching is having someone very interested in my professional development who is completely detached from my personal and professional relationships.”

—President, Fortune 1000 Company

Improved Performance & Productivity

“I was already working as hard as I could and still was not accomplishing what I felt was needed! I didn’t know how else to increase my productivity, until I started working with Tom Horne. Then I began to discover new ways to identify and focus on what was most important in my business. He helped me realize that everything cannot be accomplished, but with a fresh look and the right analysis, I can define my most important objectives and then go after them.”

—Jeff S., Partner, Mid-size Food Distribution Company

“As a LAN administrator at a large, international media corporation with over 10,000 employees, I am directly responsible for all aspects of Information Technology at my corporate headquarters in downtown Chicago—the hub for all of North American operations. I was brought on board at this company to completely revamp the Information Technology department, which at the time was seen as a detriment and a liability by both the employees and management.

—LAN Administrator, International Media Corporation

Stephen's coaching has been instrumental in my turning this department around in such a short time that the management has commented how technology at our site is now seen as an asset rather than a liability. In fact, due to my progress, yesterday Stephen and I were discussing strategies for asking my boss for an early raise next week.”

—LAN Administrator, Global 1000 company

Leadership Development & Growth

“The advancement that I have seen in my own career and leadership development is amazing. I highly recommend Stephen and Today's Leadership Coaching for every executive serious about improving employee performance.

—Vice-President, Fortune 500 Technology Company

I would recommend Today's Leadership Coaching if you believe you are worth improving yourself to reach your highest potential. The most important thing is if you feel a connection with him and you trust him. The rest is up to you. You will get out of the coaching relationship what you put into it and what you expect from it.

—Senior Vice-President of Operations

“There are crucial times in everyone’s career when expert coaching and assistance will yield extraordinary returns. This is when an executive coach is invaluable.”

—Senior Executive, Information Technology Company

“Thank you for your great leadership throughout the year.”

—HR Consultant for Mid-size Company

“You make the big difference in our company by creating an environment where it is safe to share our professional experiences, our feelings, disappointments, and discouragements. I want you to be my coach!

—Susan H., Corporate Attorney, Fortune 1000 Company

Thank you for one of the best presentations I’ve been to on how to advance my career as a female executive. ‘Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling’ was precisely what I needed.

—Managing Director, Microsoft

“Through your coaching, you helped me to quickly spot a real ‘deficiency’ in my relational style. You helped me become aware of it and develop techniques to express myself more efficiently. You also tactfully informed me when I was slipping back into my old habits. Your coaching helped me because it was a personalized analysis and a tailor-made-solution that was specific for my needs.”

—Ron B., Technical Engineer, Fortune 1000 Company

“I found my coaching to be an excellent way of learning about myself and others and helped me understand how my own beliefs impacted my interpersonal style with others.”

—Managing IT Director for North & South America, Fortune 50 Consumer Products Company


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